Thursday, 6 June 2013

where you stand in the struggle

I always thought of myself as a bit of a lone wolf especially when it came to creative work. I thought I needed to be alone to concentrate. But then when I went to art school, and when I started to do residencies, I realized that I love working around other artists; I love dialoguing about our work and ideas, I love getting feedback, I love sharing inspiration, and I feel so energized and enthusiastic about my practice. Having spent the month of April in residence, living and working with about 20 people at Elsewhere, coming back to my home studio, where I work all day alone, has been pretty depressing. Recently in the art course I teach to senior citizens, a gentleman who was a bit tired that day said of the project we were starting, "what's even the point of making art?" and sometimes when I'm faced with a long day of isolation and solitude, working in a vacuum save for the stimuli the internet provides, I feel that way too. I feel a bit reassured to know that even hilarious people I admire get horribly depressed.

It's hard to know what the solution is when I live in a city that has a thriving arts community, yet no art education institution, and an economy such that barely anyone can afford studio space outside their own home. Anyway, not to complain...all that to say that if you're reading this, and you'd like to come over and make some art together, I'd love to work together :)

the champion - monica lacey 2013

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