Tuesday, 15 October 2013


cattails - monica lacey 2013
Well, here's a long-overdue update:

Let's see...I began teaching 3 courses in September for my artist-in-residence position with the Town of Stratford, and they're going really well...I'm working on some new pieces in my studio, as well as working on getting my studio set up to match my workflow - it's an ongoing process of course! - and puttering around my new house decorating, building, and enjoying the space.

For Culture Days this year my husband Devon and I offered a dance workshop to promote Charlottetown Dance Collective, and I've started up my writing group again for the PEI Writers Guild.

Last week I took a trip to New Orleans, and got some great inspiration from community-based interactive projects, and from the amazing live music.

Other than that, I've joined the Board of Directors for this town is small and IMAC, so it's been a busy Fall so far!  And it's submission season too...wish me luck :)

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