Monday, 13 January 2014

door. blue. winter.

Well I like to get a little lazy on the weekends, so here are my photos from the last 3 days:  day 11 - door; day 12 - blue; day 13 (today) - winter.
no entry - monica lacey 2014
This shot above is taken at Row 142, which, in addition to serving the best coffee in town AND the best pizza in town, has a gorgeous row of antique doors on one of their walls.

through the river through the trees - monica lacey 2014
For Blue I shot through a blue glass bottle and got a shot of my neighbour's window and my fence.

for their shadows in the sun - monica lacey 2014
Ironic that today's theme was Winter as it was like Spring here in Charlottetown today - sunny & lovely & warm, so I shot the shadow of a winter tree.  

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