Monday, 29 September 2014

the fall

The fall:  my favourite time of year, a time for turning inward, concentrating, resting, bundling up in cozy sweaters.  There is also a wonderful film by that title, and it aptly describes the process of letting go that I'm about to go through tomorrow as I clean out my studio and purge/sell/give-away any and all materials that I haven't used in a year!  Looking forward to the extra space - it's been getting crowded in here!

getting works ready for my upcoming show at Gallery 78 in Fredericton, NB - opens October 3

Let's see, what's new - there are a few things on my news page you can read about, and also I'll have a post very soon about my Art in the Open project from the end of August.

A new short film I made with my husband & frequent collaborator, Devon Ross, has been selected to screen at the Island Media Arts Festival in October, which is exciting, and I'll also be doing a pared-down installation of my project, The Sky is Always Moving, for a special media art night during the festival.  Video is more and more sneaking into my work and I'm excited about the possibilities!  It's satisfying too with my background working in the film industry to maintain that connection with the moving image.  I'll be shooting a new project, entitled Everything is Fine, over thanksgiving weekend - more on that soon!

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