Tuesday, 9 December 2014

day 9: water

As the caption says below, these shots were taken with my underwater Pentax camera, in water in my kitchen sink.  I have had such a great time with this camera, and even made a short underwater film with it!

At my house we've gotten on the City of Charlottetown's water metering system, designed both to help you see your usage & conserve water, and to help you save money.  As much as my husband and I try to be pretty careful about the water we use, the amount of litres we use daily is pretty alarming, especially if you imagine carrying it.  Seeing those numbers on paper is a great motivator for us for using even less water.  If you live here & you're not on a meter, check it out at the link above, or check out the metering options where you live!  

For more photos, go here, here, and here.

kitchen sink portraits - monica lacey 2014

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