Sunday, 24 March 2013


I smile a lot. Generally I have trouble keeping a straight face when asked. So does my dad - I always admired his 'laughter lines,' and now as I'm getting older, I've got them too. I think it's a good sign. Today's photo is actually an older selfie that I took for this project. I shot a few new ones today, but this is still my fave because I was so genuinely smiling at myself - something we rarely do but that feels great! Don't forget to check this out!

smile with your eyes - monica lacey 2013
If your spirit needs uplifting today, watch this. If you need a laugh over something ridiculous, watch this. And if you just need an infusion of visual beauty, have a look here. PS My co-photographers are taking some time off, and I'll be posting an update on the future of the photo-a-day project soon.


  1. you are just the cutest. and if there was ever and example of smiling with your eyes this would be it. beauty! Ramona