Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Oh Black & White, my old love.  I can still remember the first darkroom course I ever took, a million years ago, when we all shot film, in 1996, at Holland College, and I was addicted. I would spend all night in there printing photos.  The following year, when I entered the full-time Photography program, I got in trouble because I refused to shoot colour.  Those rich blacks & glowing whites still have my heart, even after all these years and all these other colour palettes.  I had a little fun with it today :)
See Juliana's photo here.  Tomorrow we shoot our last theme for January, Roundness.  I'll fill you in tomorrow about February and the continuing adventures of this photo-a-day project!

one... - monica lacey 2013

two... - monica lacey 2013
three! - monica lacey 2013

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