Wednesday, 16 January 2013


When I think of patterns, I can't help but think metaphorically, especially when my Free Will Astrology horoscope this week reads:

Gemini: You now have the power to discern previously unfathomable patterns in a puzzling mystery you've been monitoring. You also have the ability to correctly surmise the covert agendas of allies and adversaries alike. Maybe best of all, you can discover certain secrets you've been concealing from yourself. 

I went ahead and photographed some vintage patterned fabrics I got from my mother, which I suppose you could read metaphors into as well...the simple subject matter gave me a chance to play with some Photoshop filters I've been wanting to try out.

my mother's fabrics - monica lacey 2013
See Juliana's photo here.  Tomorrow we do self-portraits!  I don't think I'll get near this elaborate, but here is one of my self-portrait - and general photography - gurus.

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