Monday, 14 January 2013


all that... - monica lacey 2013
Glitter.  Let's just say we have a rule in our house that it is not allowed indoors.  If you send us a card with glitter on it, it will go into the recycling as soon as we read it.  My husband has a mild phobia of it, and I'm no fan either.  Tiny synthetic particulate matter in the air? Yikes.  So for today's shot, I had to go to Michael's today anyhow, and asked the manager if it was alright if I shot in there, seeing as he had ample subject matter for my theme.  He sighed, "yes, that's true.  We do have plenty of glitter." Anyhow, here's what I came up with after trying a few shots of the glitter-coated paper (shudder).  

No offense to you if glitter is totally your thing - rock your glitter, just not in my house :) See Juliana's shot here.  Tomorrow is Reflections.

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